Solar Floodlights

Solar lights popularity have been growing over the years mainly due to their versatility and the benefits compared to traditional lights.

Among the type of solar lights is a solar floodlight which also commonly known as solar spotlight. It is a very convenient way to light up the surrounding of your houses or premises without having to spend money on wiring and hacking. It is also a popular choice for people who own a farm, a large field or in a livestock business where lighting is required for security and often times there are no electricity available in that area. 

These kind of solar lights are very easy to use and to install and very durable, which makes them a very popular choices to home owners and also business owners. Among other popular application of solar floodlights is for the advertisement or signage board lighting. By using solar lights, business owners can reduce the cost significantly on wiring and also on the electricity usage.

The solar guys offers a variety of solar floodlights to cater different kind of application depending on the customer needs. Our solar lights product are made from the highest quality material which guaranteed their durability to withstand outdoor weather and to ensure a long life span. Using a SMD LED which provides extra brightness and has a life cycle of more than 50,000 hours.



3 Watt Solar Floodlight (SFL-3W)
10 Watt Solar Floodlight (SFL-10W)
20 Watt Solar Floodlight with remote control (SFL-20W)