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Skystar Solar Flood Light

Easy Installation, No Electricity Required

All-in-One Functional Solar Flood Light For Better Power Management
Flood Top
Easy Installation, No Electricity Required
Motion Sensor Detection Technology
Adjustable Bracket Up To 180 Degree 
Remote Control
For Better Operation
A Solution to Power Supply

No Power Outlet? Solar Flood Light Works Just Fine

Skystar Solar Flood Light is the latest convenience to brighten up the surrounding of your home or premises. Solar Flood Light is a solution to your power supply as it requires no electrical supports to operate. Just place anywhere you wish and let the sun do the work.


12 Hours Lighting Time, High Durability Life Span

Our solar lights product are made from the highest quality IP65 material which guaranteed their durability to withstand outdoor weather and to ensure a long life span. Using a SMD LED, our solar flood lights provides extra brightness and has a life cycle of more than 50,000 hours.


Consistent Efficiency Polycrystalline Solar Panel

All Weather Solution

Reliable performance in any weather

Polycrystalline solar panels is currently the dominant technology on the residential solar panels market. It provides a consistent and reliable power output and can last up to 25 years.

Consistent Module Efficiency

Consistent and reliable energy production.


Features Highlights

Different Variants for Different Needs

Multiple Power Variants

100 Watts  |  200 Watts  |  300 Watts  

Skystar Solar Flood Light

Technical Specifications

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