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Smart Solar Floodlight - Designed For Industrial & Commercial

Venus Series

Super Bright RGBCW LED With Motion Sensor
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Features Highlights

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RGBCW LED Features

RGBCW is the acronym for Red, Green, Blue, Cold, and Warm.

These 5-in-1 chips are used in super bright smart LED lighting products. RGBCW LEDs perform substantially better than RGB LEDs in terms of full-spectrum lighting. With the added white color, RGBCW LED can display more sorts and precise colors to achieve full-color lighting.

A Solution to Power Supply

Premium Light For Premium Customer

Demand for a premium Solar Floodlight is growing, Venus SFL Series is designed to satisfy those demands. It is perfect for those who really care about quality, aesthetic appearance & lighting efficiency. 

Superbright Phillips LED chip 200lm/watt in Venus gives a high luminosity with a great angle and coverage area.


12 Hours Lighting Time, High Durability Life Span

Our solar lights products are made from the highest quality IP65 material which guaranteed their durability to withstand outdoor weather and ensure a long life span. Using Phillips SMD LED, our solar flood lights provide extra brightness and have a life cycle of more than 50,000 hours.

Beautiful Black Premium Panel

Consistent Efficiency Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Monocrystalline solar panels is currently the dominant technology on the residential solar panels market. It provides a consistent and reliable power output and can last up to 25 years.

High Charging Efficiency

Consistent and reliable energy production.

All Weather Solution

Reliable performance in any weather

Modular Solar Panel Bracket

Improved bracket making installation easier

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What's in the box?

Different Variants for Different Needs

Multiple Power Variants


Venus Smart Solar Flood Light

Technical Specifications

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