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Solar Garden Light - Athena Series

A Perfect Light For Your Garden

A Premium High Quality Solar Garden Light To Replace Your Conventional Lighting
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Features Highlight

No Wiring & No Electricity Required
3000 Cycles LifePO4 Battery - 8 Years Life Span
Super Bright 150 Lumen/Watt & Power Adjustable
12 Hours Continuous Lighting & 3 Rainy Days Backup
Light Bulb Icon. Line Vector, Isolated on Gray Background in Flat Style for Graphic Design
Dual CCT Changeable
Multi Features Remote Control
IP65 Waterproof Casing
100% Green Energy Saving

A Perfect Solution for Lighting Needs

Solar Garden Lights are a perfect substitute for conventional fluorescent lights. They are totally green, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly. This solar product is the perfect solution for many applications such as home yards, gardens, walkways & roadside. The solar lights come with a remote control which gives you the flexibility to control its lighting features.

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Install Wherever, Whenever You Need It

Designed for portability and mobility, Solar Athena Light can be installed anywhere reachable. This is a premium product specifically tailored to beautify your gardens & open spaces. Installation is a breeze with our modular design. No need to think about wiring and electricity cost ever again.

No Electricity Required, No More Technical Hassle

The best feature of Solar Garden Light is it was designed for quick and easy installation. No technical knowledge required as the installation steps are easy to follow. In less than 20 minutes, you are set to go.

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Weatherproof With IP65 Rating, Made to Endure

Our solar lights product are made from the highest quality IP65 material which guaranteed their durability to withstand outdoor weather and to ensure a long life span and endurance.

Athena Waterproof Test

Aluminium Fixture

High-end surface treatment on aluminium body, no possibility to get about rust or oxidation even after long-term use, Always maintain the original color as brand new appearance.

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Monocrystallin PV

Efficiency 21.5% mono solar panel is equipped to generate electricity power continuously and keep the system working stably.

Up to 3000 cycles D.O.D 70% lithium battery is built-in. Ensuring system running up to 8 years without any maintenance. Battery capacity : 154WH composed by brand new 32700 cell

Microwave sensor is built inside, motion detection mode is available by remote control, More energy could be saved. MPPT charge controller are adopted ,30% power will be generated than using PWM controller

Lithium Battery Pack

MPPT Charger + Sensor

Features Highlights

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2.4G Remote Control

2.4G remote control has a longer control distance and 360 degree signal transmission. Its functions contain to set the light power, select the color temperature and the working hours.


The lighting time could be programmed as 6 hours 8 hours and 12 hours, also CCT is switchable between warm white and cool white. All operations can be done via a 2.4G remote control

Ultra Luminous

180lm/Watts high luminous efficiency, Color temperature is changeable between 3000K and 6000K ( or 4000K), brightness is adjustable between 20%~100% freely as required.

Anti-Theft Screw

Special customized stainless steel 304 anti-theft screws are used, which are easy to install, stronger, and will not rust.

Solar Garden Light - Athena Series

Technical Specifications


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