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TITAN Series

Smart Solar Powered Street Light

All-in-One Functional Solar Street Light, Easy Installation, Cordless & No Electricity Needed
Solar Streetlight TITAN
Easy Installation, No Electricity Required
Super Bright Epistar SMD3030 LED Chip
Auto-Switch Light
During Day & Night
Premium Lithium Battery - Life Span up to 6 Years
Remote Control For Better Operation
180 Deg Rotatable Swivel Arm For Flexibility
More Than 12 Hours Operational Time & 4 Days Backup
Waterproof Rated IP 65 For Outdoor Used
Top Rated Solar LED Streetlight With Motion Sensor

TITAN Series All-in-One Smart Solar Street Light

Our solar street lights are powered with photovoltaic energy, where it harness its resources directly from the sun. It provides a better value for cost, easy installation and lower maintenance. Our solar street lights are grid free and can run reliably under most conditions.

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Microwave Motion Sensor

Microwave Sensor is more sensitive and accurate compared to Infrared Sensor (PIR) in detecting human movement and moving objects. Equipped with intelligent Adjustable Brightness, illumination levels will automatically adjusted from dim mode to full brightness depending on the movement it detects within the range.

Super Bright LED, Consistent Lighting Effect

Equipped with Phillips high power LED chips, it produces a consistent and uniform light distribution to the surface. Total lumen efficiency can reach up to 130 lumen / watt

Better Heat Dissipation

Aluminium extrusion radiator improves LED thermal heat dissipation by up to 80%, ensuring the light working temperature in ideal state. 

TITAN Label.png

Empowered by Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Maximum energy Yield

Generate more energy than conventional modules.

Long-Lasting Durability

Up to 25 years lifespan.

All Weather Solution

Reliable performance in high temperature and humidity.

Monocrystalline solar panels are generally thought of as a premium solar product. The main advantages of moncrystalline panels are higher efficiencies and sleeker aesthetics. 

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MPPT Solar Charge Controller

MPPT provides a super ultra-stable charging efficiency up to 97%. It is integrated within the body of TITAN Solar Streetlight

Titan MPPT.png

Powered by LifePO4 Battery Pack

Titan Battery - Edited.png

LifePO4 battery is considered a premium Grade A battery in the solar industry. This will provide power long enough as per customer and project requirement.

Maximum energy Yield

The battery pack is designed to give enough power to light up 12 hours per night and 5 rainy days backup

Long-Lasting Durability

Up to 1800 cycles which equals to 5-8 years of a lifespan.

All Weather Solution

Reliable performance in high temperature and humidity.

Just Plug & Light, Easy

Easy Installation. No Wiring & No Electricity Required

Installing our Solar Street Light is easy, just install on desired location and it's ready to illuminate. No wiring and hacking required.

Different Variants for Different Needs

Multiple Power Variants

20 Watts  |  30 Watts  |  45 Watts  |  60 Watts 

Solar Street Light Titan Series

Technical Specifications

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30W & 45W

TITAN Solar Streetlight Installation

Installation of 5 units TITAN Solar Streetlight to replace faulty solar lights at Private Villa in Melaka, Malaysia

Solar Street Light Titan Series

Project Reference

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