Solar Batten Light

A Perfect Substitute For Conventional Lighting

High Mobility Solar Lighting Device

Features Highlight

No Wiring & No Electricity Required
Comes With 5V 2.5A USB Outport Port
Battery Capacity Up to 4 Rainy Days
Multi Features Remote Control
Super Bright 150 Lumen/Watt
IP65 Waterproof Casing
12 Hours Continuous Lighting
100% Green Energy Saving

A Perfect Solution for Lighting Needs

Solar Batten Lights are a perfect substitute for conventional fluorescent lights. They are totally green, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. This solar product is perfect solution for many applications such as home yards, warehouses, garages, camping tents and many more. The solar lights come with a remote control which gives you the flexibility to control its lighting features.

Install Wherever, Whenever You Need It

Designed for portability and mobility, Solar Batten Light can be installed at anywhere reachable. This solar product is perfect solution for many applications such as warehouses, garages, camping tents and many more.

No Electricity Required, No More Technical Hassle

The best feature of Solar Batten Light is it was designed for quick and easy installation. No technical knowledge required as the installation steps are easy to follow. In less than 20 minutes, you are set to go.


Weatherproof With IP65 Rating, Made to Endure

Our solar lights product are made from the highest quality IP65 material which guaranteed their durability to withstand outdoor weather and to ensure a long life span and endurance.

Comes With USB Port, Charge Your Gadget On The Go

Solar Batten Light comes with 5V/2.5A USB port for your convenience. Recharge your gadget on the go while enjoying the bright luminosity.


Multi-Features Remote Control For Your Comfort

Total control in your hand. With multi-features remote control, you can adjust the brightness, set the timer to your convenience or set solar batten light behaviour with sensor trigger.

Features Highlights

Solar Batten Light

Technical Specifications